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Our Mission is to recruit, train, improve, promote, and qualify baseball umpires across all levels by maintaining a high standard of officiating. Umpiring is great fun and is as much a part of the game as is playing. It is in the best interest of whatever level you umpire that we train, evaluate, supervise, qualify all umpires. As an umpire, it is a rewarding feeling to walk off the field after a game, knowing that you have made a difference in the playing experiences of the participants. The role of the umpire is to mediate by knowing the rules of the game, and being in the best possible position to react to any play being made while the ball is live and in play.

Keep in mind that anyone can call a safe or an out and be referred to as an umpire. However, a good umpire must know all the rules and understand the intent or purpose of each rule. An umpire must know how the rules should be interpreted and applied in actual situations. You can't simply memorize the rule book and expect to be a good umpire. Becoming a good umpire happens with experience. You will get this experience by learning, watching, working games and, most importantly, attending clinics and camps such as this one.

In baseball, the umpire is the person charged with officiating the game, including beginning and ending the game, enforcing the rules of the game and the grounds, making judgement calls on plays, and handling disciplinary actions. Umpiring may be a hobby, a passion, or in some cases a job. Regardless of why you are an umpire, remember that the most important thing to know that umpiring is a rewarding part of the game and sometimes a thankless job.

Some of the qualities of an umpire are honesty, integrity, humor, and a sense of fair play. The umpire is an extension of the level of play that they umpire at as a whole. What that means is if you umpire college baseball, then you are an extension of the league office, your local association and the NCAA. The same holds true for high school and all other levels. All umpires must strive to develop an understanding of and appreciation for the capabilities and limitations of the athletes playing the game and umpire at that level. A trained umpire can and does inspire everyone to abide by the rules and to recognize authority while at the same time increasing their enjoyment of the game.

This Umpire Clinic or Camp will provide training, whether it is new or refresher training, to all umpires in both classroom and field situations. Training will include instruction concerning rotations, coverage areas and positioning of the umpires at both positions (plate umpire or base umpire). Keep in mind that all umpires should be aware that there will always be questions or out of ordinary plays, so refer back to your training and knowledge in order to make the right ruling.

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